Michael Attwood

Michael Attwood specializes in information technology systems in education and business. He wrote data analysis programs to identify patterns of abuse and fraud in withdrawals from ATMs as early as 1981 while employed by US Bank. He has over twenty years experience in computing in educational settings. He has provided hardware and software installation and maintenance; network domain installation, maintenance and security; scannable form design for data acquisition; data extraction; data analysis; and presentation graphics design. His programs have been described as "so user-friendly they walk up and shake your hand." His training of others in computer use and maintenance is equally effective. He has programmed for telemedicine programs and is a cofounder of HealthSaaS, Inc. which provides cloud based services for healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics and researchers. Mr. Attwood's avocations include performing as a professional musician, recording music at a professional level, both for his own group and for others, and organizing musical events and fundraising concerts.

Information Systems • Research Design • Data Analysis

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