Past Projects

The “echoing” of ECHO GROUP’s past assistance projects and assignments

It is important to Echo Group and its personnel that projects they have led or participated in continue to provide the type of development and assistance they were designed to deliver, even after funding has ended. From Day One of projects, the Group plans to echo its effectiveness in various ways.

The projects conducted by Echo have resulted in organizations or programs which remain in existence today, building on the past technical assistance and cooperation and delivering similar services. These self-reliant operations have adapted to changes within their countries to better respond to needs of citizens, business, education and government. Echo is often asked by those with whom we have worked for advice and recommendations which require research or specialized knowledge. Relying on the wide and varied expertise of its associates who have worked in the country seeking assistance, Echo is able to respond quickly to such requests.

For example, The Echo Group office in Kyiv maintains contact with over 50 Ukrainian universities through the Consortium for the Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME), a Non-Governmental Organization. Assistance is provided in the designing of new business programs, fund raising, and establishing of institutional partnerships in the USA and other regions.

In Central Asia, the Echo Group representatives continue to provide assistance and guidance to educational institutions and NGOs they worked with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Periodic trips and on-site assistance augmented with regular electronic communication and teleconferencing assists in strategic planning and building closer ties with international donors and the business community.

Echo Group Central Office in the USA maintains contact with Romanian, Namibian, Cameroonian, and Russian personnel and institutions with whom the Group has worked, providing free advice and assistance typically focused on teacher and consulting training, project development, and grant writing.

Additionally, Echo Group personnel established the non-profit Foundation for International Development and Education Advancement (IDEA) to conduct follow-up work in Romania and Namibia. The 501(c)(3) has sent over 24,000 books to Namibian schools and has provided assistance to thousands of elderly poor in remote villages of Romania. Echo Group associates in Namibia share needs of rural schools and the Foundation responds as it can. The Echo Group and the IDEA Foundation working together provided funds to roof two new classrooms in the Northwest province of Cameroon in 2009.


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