Zev Siegl

Echo Group Associate Zev Siegl is a Certified Business Advisor with the Small Business Development Center operating within an innovative economic development initiative serving communities near Seattle, Washington. Since 2002, he has consulted with over 250 small and medium size enterprises. His consulting and training expertise was gained during 25 years of business start-up and management experience and a ___ year teaching career.

Zev has been directly involved in a wide range of small business for more than 25 years, advising manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, multi-unit retailers and professional service providers. He served as turn-around leader for two small manufacturers, co-founded and was former senior vice president of Starbucks Coffee Company, and founded Quartermaine Coffee Roasters, McGill Corporation and Peerless Pie.

Mr. Siegl’s business advisory work includes strategic planning, forecasting, financing and management. Private equity offerings to investors, financing capital purchases, applying for bank loans $50K-$500K, developing business plans and establishing hiring practices are examples in how he has assisted business owners to succeed.

Recently, Zev joined another Echo Group consultant in assisting Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk, Russia to design and deliver a series of effective business trainings to local area small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. His international experience also includes facilitating business school cooperation between US and China based educational institutions.

Business Consultant and Business Training Advisor

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